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Food Waste Recovery
At Organix Recycling we provide a service to collect food waste from large generators. The material is taken to Recycling Outlets and added to other organic matter to produce Green Energy (AD), Compost or Animal Feed.

Adding a “Food Waste Recovery Program” will increase your Recycling Efforts and help your Company stay on path towards “Zero Waste.”


Why Recycle food
The need to divert food waste from landfills and recycle this material has never been greater than now, as landfills are filling up and becoming the largest source of methane GHG released into the atmosphere.


Recycling Facilities
Organic waste utilization is energy recovery through anaerobic digestion. The biogas produced through this process has a fuel value and can be used to create heat and power at the AD facility. In addition to the biogas, AD also creates a solid end product that can be composted to create soil nutrients.


We will provide you with a lockable Food Receptacle for all your food waste and then put you on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pickup schedule. We will work with you around your schedule to get our drivers out to you.

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